Rollin’ Eyes LED

What are “Rollin’ Eyes” ?

“Rollin’ Eyes” (or in short “RE”) are very bright powerful LED light strips, attached to our new smart LED light controller.

You will be in charge! With your smartphone, you control what our LED’s will do.

With these fabulous strips,

you will be the absolute NUMBER 1 on next Light Show or Light Parade.

Nobody else will have this power, brightness and possibilities on his Goldwing!


The kit comes with our free smartphone/tablet “app” which lets you choose the light effect(s) you want, with just a push of a few keys (Android or iPhone).  Our RE (Rollin’ Eyes) rings and strips are designed to fit on cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats etc. 

Being 100% water proof, the applications are endless.  You can use them anywhere you need to attract attention or warn people, think about your cowling, blinkers, headlight, tail & brake lights …

Strips come in a variety of sizes.  Absolutely NO technical knowledge is required to install and use! No soldering ! Detailed instructions HOW TO can be found in the APP and here : http://rollin-eyes.com/help/

Let your imagination flow and use them where ever you need special light effects.


Rollin Eyes are built on order, order processing time can take up to 3 weeks after your payment.

With the controller, you need at least 1 strip to make it work !

Our new Version 4 does NO LONGER need spitters nor extention cables !

The Rollin’ Eyes can work in 2 modes : Street Mode and Show Mode.

Street Mode means : it will show what the regular, existing signal lights do, Brake Light, Blinker left and right, Tail light and white Daytime Running Light in the front. That goes automatic, when you connect the 5 thin wires hanging out of the controller to cruise, tail, brake and blinker lights. As soon as the controller “feels” 12 volt on one of those wires, the LED’s get the colour and intensity of that light.

Show Mode means : it will show some of the pre-programmed light effects, like a Scanner, Police, FlipFlop, Rainbow etc. It will only show the effects the user has selected (before) on his smartphone (Android or iPhone) in a very easy to use app. The user selects what he wants to see, changes the colors to his favor, the speed etc and then does a “UPLOAD” (via bluetooth) to the controller. The controller stores the selection in its internal memory. When the show (made by the user) is finished, it starts again, over and over and over again. When the user switch off the power, and later back on, the show starts again. The user can change the program as many times he wants with his phone.

When in Show Mode, while playing your selected light effects, there is 12 volt comming to one of the Street Mode wires, the “Show Mode” stops immediatly and “Street Mode” does tail light, brake, blinkers etc.

There is one more wire ! If you put a little switch on the handle bar , you can put 12 volt on that wire. When the LED’s are in “Street Mode” (may be legal in your country or state) and you push that button, “Street Mode” STOPS as long as you push that button and “Show Mod”e plays what you have sent before (can be many days before) with your smartphone to the RE. So, if you made a “Police” program, it will show that as long as you press the button, while driving (may NOT be LEGAL in your stae or country, please check before using ! ) When you release the button, the controller resumes “Street Mode” …