I / Introduction

Rollin' Eyes” (or in short “RE”) are very bright powerful LED strips, attached to the ErgoMot Android or iPhone RE controller.

They come together with our free “app” for your Android or iPhone smartphone, to choose the light effect(s) and colors you want.

Let your imagination flow and use them where ever you need special light effects.

This HELP file concerns RE Version 4.

II / Operating Modi

The RE can work in 2 modes : Street Mode and Show Mode.

II.A / Street Mode

will show what the regular, existing signal lights on your vehicle do, Brake Light, Blinker left and right, Tail light and Daytime Running Light in the front.
That is automatic, when you connect the 5 thin wires hanging out of the controller to cruise, tail, brake and blinker lights. As soon as the controller "feels" 12 volt on one of those wires, the LED's get the colour and intensity of that light. You can change the behaviour of Street Mode in “Setup” in the free app on your phone.

II.B / Show Mode

will show some of the pre-programmed light effects, like a Scanner, Police, FlipFlop, Rainbow etc. It will only show the effects you have selected (before) on your smartphone with the free app and sent over Bluetooth to the controller.
You select what and how many effects you want to see, change the colors to your favor, the speed etc and then do a "Send" in the app (via bluetooth) to the controller. The controller stores your selection in its internal memory.
When your show is finished, it starts again, over and over and over again. When you switch off the power, and later back on, the show starts again. You can change the program (your show) as many times you want with your phone.
When your controller is first delivered, there is a short demo program installed, the setup has been done for 22 or 24 led strips and the Street Mode is ready without special effects.
You can change the Show Mode, using“Edit your Show” in the app, you can change the number of leds and street mode colors and effects in “Setup” in the app, see later in this manual how to do what.

When in Show Mode, while playing your selected light effects, there is 12 volt comming to one of the Street Mode wires, the Show Mode stops immediatly and Street Mode does tail light, brake, blinkers etc.

There is one more wire ! We call it the “test” wire. If you put a little switch on the handle bar, or somewhere you want it, you can put 12 volt on that wire. The required switch is NOT included.
When the LED's are in Street Mode (may be legal in your country or state) and you use that button, Street Mode STOPS as long as you push that button and Show Mode plays what you have sent before (can be many days before) with your smartphone to the RE.
So, if you made a "Police" program, it will show that as long as you press the button, while driving (may NOT be LEGAL in your state or country, please check local law and regulations before using ! ) When you release the button, the controller resumes Street Mode …

III / Installation

III.A / Warnings

ATTENTION : connecting / disconnecting the RE strips may only be done when there is NO power to the controller ! Making or braking the connection between controller and ring / strip while the controller has power, even without program running, will PERMANENTLY damage the strips!

ATTENTION : connecting / disconnecting the signal wires may only be done when there is NO power to the controller ! Making or braking the connection between signal wires and vehicle, while the controller has power, even without program running, will PERMANENTLY damage the RE controller!

Before you connect / disconnect one of the wires to LED's or vehicle, make sure the controller does NOT get POWER !!!

Make all connections to strips and vehicle BEFORE you apply power to the controller.

Disconnect power to the controller before you disconnect other wires (to LED's or vehicle).

Do NOT put 12 volt on the RE strips, only connect them to our controller. 12 volt direct on rings or strips will permanently dammage the strips.

While Rollin' Eyes strips are waterproof,the controller IS NOT WATERPROOF, never, and should be placed in the vehicle on a dry place!

The RE strips are intended to be waterproof. However, due to installation work, where the cable enters the strip, it is possible the water seal will become damaged. Therefore : you should seal the place where the cable enters the housing or the sleeve (the device) with a good silicone glue AFTER final installation.
RE LED connectors are NOT waterproof. If connectors are in a place where water or spray can reach them, you should take care to protect them, eg. By winding protectif insulation tape around after final installation.
Many people use a piece of Velcro tape to fix the controller in the vehicle. Before sticking velcro to vehicle or controller, make sure the surface is dry and clean (clean with some alcohol). The same for where you want to put a strip.

III.B / Power (12 volt 5 amp)

The controller has 2 big fat power wires without connector : Black and Red, at the side of the box. You have to connect the power to the ACCESSORIES connector on your vehicle.
Accessories only gets power when the ignition key is turned to “acc”. When the ignition key is removed from the vehicle, “acc” should read 0 volt (disconnected).
Do not connect RE controller power in direct to the battery of the vehicle, as the controller will consume continiously power and drain your battery when the engine is not running.
The accessories in your vehicle (or the power supply if you use RE for non vehicle application) should be able to deliver 5 AMP at 12 volt. One RE controller may need 5 AMP when driving 288 LED's in full white color.
When you have MORE than 288 LEDs, You have to use our amplifier. Connect less than 288 leds to the controller and less than 288 to one amplifier. If you have more than 576 leds, you will need a second amplifier and so on.
ATTENTION : Each amplifier again uses max 5 amp at 12 volt.
Typical consuption (per controller / amplifier) will be variable between 1 and 5 AMP, depending on number of LED's lit and the color of the LED's.
The thick Black wire comes to the negative ground (– minus) , the thick Red wire goes to the positive accessories power (+ plus). The controller needs minimal 12 volt, maximal is +- 15,5 volt.

If you do not install in a 12 volt vehicle, you will need a regulated power supply, capable of delivering 5 AMP DC at 12 volt (per controller / amplifier) . 12V AC adaptors will dammage your controller.

There is a female Hitachi plug with wires in the box, connect the red wire to the controllers red wire with the posi-lock connector in the box. Do the same with the black wire and the other posi-lock. If the plug has a green wire, do NOT use that one.

III.C / LED connectors

At one side, 2 or 4 flat cables come out of the controller (2 for the 2 channel, 4 for the 4 channel) , they serve for LEFT and RIGHT channel to the led strips or rings. The 4 channel controller has 1 left front, 1 right front, 1 left rear and 1 right rear.
Each flat cable can drive up to 144 RE LED's, in total, BUT : on all flat cables together, you can attach MAXIMAL 288 LED's.
Many of our strips have less than 70 LED's. In fact, the maximal number of LED's per ring or strip is limited to 70 LED's.
With each strip, we deliver 2 female connectors. One for on the controller flat cable, one for on the strip flat cable. You also get 6 gold plated pins to put in one connector to make it male and thus allowing you to connect both together.
When attaching one connector to another with the 6 pins, MAKE SURE the colored line on the flat cables fall at the corresponding side.
You have to install the connectors yourself, after you did determine where they have to go on the cable. Installation is easy : slide the flat cable through the connector and close the connector with a plier.
The flat cables can be cut to desired lenght with a normal household scissors.
See how to use the new V4 wires and connectors (versus the old V3) : http://ergomot.be/V4wiring/index.html
Detailed instructions how to can be found on YouTube in this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AqRhSUEoZ0

III.D / Amplifier

Count very carefully how many LED's you connect to each controller channel! Remember : Maximal 144 LED's per channel.
If you want to connect MORE than 144 LED's per channel (or more than 288 per controller) you need the OPTIONAL RE Amplifier (avaiable in our webshop and @ many of our dealers). Each RE Amplifier can drive 2 x 144 LED's.

III.E / Street Mode Wires

With our optional “Wire to Vehicle kit”, it is very easy to connect all signals you need to use the “Street Mode”. The kit is available in our webshop or at our dealers.
At the other side of the controller, opposite to the LED connectors, 6 thin wires are hanging out, ending in one flat 6 position female connector , they are for Street mode and have to be connected to existing signal wires in the vehicle as follows :
For controller in the front of the vehicle :
For controller in the back of the vehicle :
To control both front and back street mode on one vehicle, you need 2 controllers. Red wires of both controllers may use the same single switch for test mode.

III.F / Installing the STRIP

Most of the strips have a self adhesive backing. If not : apply a waterproof double side adhesive tape. Do NOT use screws, do not cut in the strips.
Clean the spot on your vehicle where the strip has to go with alcohol and let it dry before you attach the strip.
Do NOT forget to put some silicone glue around the cable entry of rings/strips to prevent water coming in via small cracks which may have come by bending or … during installation!
See the link below for a saddlebag install example.

IV / Using the free APP

The free RE app will allow you to do“SETUP” or “Edit your Show”
In “SETUP” you can select the number of LED's per strip / ring, choose the colors and effects for Street Mode.
In “Edit your Show”, you select AND edit the effects for Show Mode

IV.A / Get the app

To use the free app, you need one of both :
Android phones do exist from many brands like Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, etc.
iPhone is only Apple.
You will need the RE controller for your type of phone. A controller for iPhone will not work on our Android controller and vice versa.

IV.A.1 / Android

the app can be found in the Google Play Store, search for “ergomot”
look for the logo with the 24 colored spots in a circle
download / install , it is free !

IV.A.2 / iPhone

the app can be found in the Apple app store, search for “rollin eyes controller”
look for the logo with the 24 colored spots in a circle
download / install , it is free !

IV.B / Pairing / Connecting

To use our free app, In your phone settings, Bluetooth has to be enabled !

IV.B.1 / Android

Go to the settings of your phone and find the Bluetooth settings.
Enable Bluetooth
Make sure the RE controller has 12volt power and is in SHOW MODE ! When the RE is connected to the vehicle for STREET MODE and one or more of the street mode wires is receiving 12 volt (from blinkers or tail light or cruise light or on the test wire) the RE controller CAN NOT receive data over Bluetooth … It can only pair / connect in SHOW MODE !!!
In Bluetooth settings on your Android phone, SCAN for new bluetooth devices. Depending on the Android version of your phone, it will find a new device with name “xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx” OR “REXXXXXX” or “HC-06”. Tap to pair with the new device, it will ask you a pincode. That is “1234” , on older devices, it may be “0000”. Just before or after entering the pincode, on newer devices, the name of the controller will change in “Rexxxxxx” example : RE000123.
When you have 2 controllers in your vehicle, disconnect ONE while you pair the other one. Then disconnect (temporarili) the already paired one, connect the other one to power and pair it.
Each controller will have a different name, remeber for yourself which one (front or back) got what name !
Once both controllers are paired to your Android phone, you can power both controllers , our app will show them as 2 different names and you can select what to send to which controller in our app.

IV.B.2 / iPhone

Apple choose to use Bluetooth Low Ernergy version 4 … That has made our iPhone controller more expensive (compared to the Android controller) and disallows to use pairing and pincode …
Make sure the RE controller has 12volt power and is in SHOW MODE ! When the RE is connected to the vehicle for STREET MODE and one or more of the street mode wires is receiving 12 volt (from blinkers or tail light or cruise light or on the test wire) the RE controller CAN NOT receive data over Bluetooth … It can only connect during SHOW MODE !!!
In the iPhone settings, just switch on Bluetooth. You do NOT have to search for our controller, BLE4.0 will NOT find it, but our app will.
IF you have 2 iPhone controllers in your vehicle, to make sure you send to the right one, disconnect the other controller. Normaly, your iPhone will connect to the RE controller which is the most close by your iPhone, but that is not always the case.

IV.C / Support

When you have unanswered questions, please send e-mail to info@ergomot.be
We will try to answer you in 24 hours.